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Original and interesting gifts for every budget , for any occasion , colleagues , friends, loved ones, friends , people who " have everything " , you will find in the Gallery Shop. Here you can buy unique gifts and souvenirs "hand made", order a cake or pastries for every occasion , to create their own original photo gifts and souvenirs , buy goods for needlework . Our Wizards try for you , putting a piece of his soul into every job . You can visit the workshops , learn the secrets , watch master classes , ask questions and just chat on the forum "Muse crafts ." If you ’ve always wanted , but did not dare to create something with their hands , then we will support your initiatives , will help to understand . And suddenly you get and you will become our new Master?

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Contest "Little Needlework." The original prize winner!


1st May 2014 launched a new children's photo contest commemorating International Children's Day, "Little Needlework"!  rnrnrnrnAll the kids love to do creative work - to sculpt, draw, glue application.rnrnTake a picture of the process of creating a masterpiece itself and send us to the competition. The winner will receive a prize from... Read More

Participatory processes for Tilda . Join now!


This Tony Finnanger - Norwegian painter , author of the wonderful world of Tilda !rnrnrnrn"For me, Tilda - is peace and joy in the midst of a cruel world . All started with a dream about a series of books and cartoons for children . When I first thought about dolls , all that I was able to understand - is that instead of eyes they will have two... Read More

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