Sell gifts

Gifts - not otdarki ? Nonsense !

Most people eliminate unwanted gifts by any means. More than 30 % of the population are ready without regret peredarit or sell gifts that were not to their liking. Why are gifts that should convey joy, become out of place ? Reasons are many . Try to identify the main .

Worse than the gift giver knows bestow - the more likely to donate unwanted gift . Under this category are gifts from distant relatives , gifts, bought their wives for women friends .
The higher you post, the greater the risk to get a gift item that you already have . Another vase , which are already in the country and in excess, or a picture that is nowhere to hang , even on balconies .
More men than you have in the team, the more likely you will get a gift , which goes into the category of " otdarok " already on retu . Unfortunately , most men have not lea ed to give them.
You simply grown out of your gifts. Children grow up and many even welcome gifts , begin to occupy space in your home

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